Bleached knots vs. Makeup on Lace closures and frontals

Bleached knots vs. Makeup on Lace closures and frontals

June 5, 2017

So which do you prefer? Bleaching your knots on your lace closure or frontal OR applying makeup powder to cover the knots?
In all honesty both methods are great to camouflage the knots on your lace. This helps to give a more realistic look vs not doing anything at all to cover the knots. 
As a beauty professional from the perspective of a hair retailer I want my customers to enjoy repeat use of there products and have the integrity and longevity of the lace and hair remain in tact. 


So let's break it down... When you bleach the knots on a lace piece you are using a harsh chemical to change the color of the hair that's knotted to the lace (applying to the under side if the lace) to a lighter brown to blend in with the lace color. In this process you will need to have your mixture of bleach really THICK so it does not drop through the lace onto the hair turning the hair brown or blonde. The ratio of bleach powder to developer requires the powder to be double or triple to the liquid portion to get that thickness making the mixture A LOT STRONGER than a typical bleach mixture that has more developer liquid. 
When you use such a strong mixture of bleach it causes the knot to become more fragile and weak. So when being pulled and tugged or combed when styling its chances of breakage is more likely. Thus causing shedding/breakage that leads to balding on the lace. 

On the other hand the is another OPTION; using makeup to cover the lace using a knot sealer spray (recommended) or hair spray with your foundation powder to match your complexion can give the same effect of covering the black knots w/o the risk of chemical damage. This method is a lot safer for they hair and the lace bc the knot is not being altered by a harsh chemical. So you will find the lace product will last a lot LONGER and less likely to ever experience balding and will match your skin perfectly.


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