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Bleached knots vs. Makeup on Lace closures and frontals

So let's break it down... When you bleach the knots on a lace piece you are using a harsh chemical to change the color of the hair that's knotted to the lace (applying to the under side if the lace) to a lighter brown to blend in with the lace color. In this process you will need to have your mixture of bleach really THICK so it does not drop through the lace onto the hair turning the hair brown or blonde. 

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Dye your Virgin Hair Extensions Red without BLEACH!

The process of getting you hair extensions to a vibrant deep wine/red does not have to be difficult. It doesn't require you lightening the hair to blonde with bleach. The process has been made simple with one step. We have taken the time to test and do in house hair coloring at #newgodishair for the benefit of getting to know different products as well as how our hair extensions react to them. Keep in mind our hair extensions are VIRGIN HAIR and they are single donor. So each bundle has not been chemically altered and the hair is from one person. With that in mind, know that hair color takes differently from one person to the next. 

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What Edges? Balding Edges and what could be causing it.

Ladies, loss of hair has become a HUGE issue among young women and we have to understand the root cause. Premature hair loss/balding can be caused by many things, most of which can be prevented. Yes we LOVE FRONTALS and the flawless look it gives. In fact it's a lifesaver for woman who have no edges it helps them remain confident in their beauty during a time when hair loss can be devastating. 

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